The first thing I did as soon as I arrived school since no one arrives at 8, was to disassemble the Imac shelves so when the iMacs arrives we just need to place and re assemble. I also found dwardu the handyman and made sure the lock is fixed. So those were two lists of the bucket.

iMac Shelves

The next thing was to make space for the cable so the imacs are neatly placed on the shelves. So the shelves was a closed chapter. I also fixed the table and made it stable becuase it was wobbly.




With the carpet we had 2 big problems. The first one was that it was almost impossible not to cut the carpet and the 2nd one was that it was not long enough. Although we had this issues I spoke with the lecturer and had the go ahed to carefully cut the carpet and place it needed. That was my Job, and I did well.

Later on today Nexos installed one of the projector and installed the screen in the digital room. The printing material has also arrived and tomorrow we can start installing it. Nicholas Azzopardi together with Bryan made the shelves more secure with an extra screw. In my opinion it is extra but since Marco was very afraid they decided to drill anther hole for an extra screw. Tomorrow I am aiming to have all the posters hanging, the rooms cleaned, both projectors installed and students can start inserting their work.





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