My job for today was to finish off two of the most important things in our exhibition space. The first thing I did was to buy clear varnish and finish the iMac shelves. They need another layer for sure, but they look totally different now and more appealing. After finishing the iMac shelves I gave the floor a quick wash. I managed to get to school very early and focused more on my jobs for the day.

The second job was to finish the light installation. Yesterday we managed to drill the holes so it can be safely hanging. The first thing in the morning I did was to drill four holes on each shade so the bulb won’t get overheated and can explode. This was done for safety. After drilling all the 6 shades, I started assembling the light box making sure there is no looses contact or any other things that can cause problems to the main electricity. I took al the responsibility and worked alone.

Nexos also installed the exhibition light. I did not expect to have these large light stage, but they still compliment with the rest of our space. 13494872_10209198431174295_201408363398628495_n

Marco also managed to finish his ipad shelves. All we have left for tomorrow is to start placing the equipment, fit the  carpet, and wait eagerly for the printing to be done.



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